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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DoW2 patch 2.4 out Today

Although this patch was announced a while ago, patch 2.4 was released today.  So to any of you playing DoW2, enjoy non-retarded bots and not so imba ASM squads!

Click 'Read More' to read the patch notes.

Release Notes v2.4.0

Balance Changes



* Grenade Launcher damage has been reduced versus retreating units

Space Marines

Assault Marines

* Jump energy cost has been increased from 50 to 55


Kommando Nob Commander

* Speshul Shoota High Explosive Shells damage has been reduced versus retreating units


* Warp Vomit negative effects no longer apply to vehicles


* Reinforce cost has been increased from 62/12 to 75/15


* Stikkbomb damage has been reduced versus retreating units
* Stikkbomb cost increased from 8 to 16


* Assault leap no longer effects retreating units
* Upkeep increased from 0.0425 to 0.06375
* Energy cost of Flesh Hook increased from 25 to 50
* Energy cost of Assault Leap increased from 20 to 40

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue that would prevent the AI from capping points
* Improved performance on White Walls of Calderis
* Fixed an issue that would lower the Kommado Nob’s health every time Extra Equipment was unequipped
* Fixed an issue that was preventing single entity units (Librarian, Weirdboy, Lictor) from properly receiving commander health regen
* Fixed a rare crash that could occur when users were leaving a game
* Fixed an issue that could prevent setup teams from moving to other windows while garrisoned


  1. oh awesome, i'm downloading this as we speak. do i need the game, or can i just download the patch?

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