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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DoW 2: Retribution Campaign 3rd Playable Race; Tyranids

Yup, that's right, Tyranids have been confirmed as the third playable race for the single player campaign of the upcoming Dawn of War 2 expansion Retribution.  This is relatively big news since in all the previous Dawn of War games, Tyranids haven't been a playable race in any of its campaigns.

Currently, Retribution has 3 confirmed playable races: Orks, Eldar and now the Tyranids.  I would assume that this expansion will also include the Space Marines since the story at the end of Chaos Rising was more of a "to be continued" than any sort of conclusion. 

However, this stand-alone expansion is looking to have much more content than I anticipated since each of these races will have a full story with 15 missions each.  I guess once you have the engine and units in place, all there's left is to make more maps and campaigns.

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